Hi all

•January 10, 2011 • 1 Comment

Hey everyone,

I can’t believe this place still gets traffic, impressive!

I gave up competitive Pangya a long time ago because it became too stressful. It’s much more enjoyable just mentally approximating (still have the ability to shoot mid 30’s by doing this! insane.)
Since I started trying to figure out how this game worked, I was accused of cheating, & my information was passed off as useless. I’d like to thank sinneah for helping me out, without him we’d have gotten no where. I would like to believe we got pretty damn close to figuring this stuff out.
At one point I did make an excell calculator for the hell of it, but it was too dangerous, so I scrapped it. But it basically proved that error free, our formulae were fairly accurate. but not accurate enough – this game can’t be calculated to perfection. My last tip in the pangya world – take hole specific notes, hole specific HWI’s, & hole specific angular notes. Then you will become a -40 guru. This game has no room for scientific calculations.

Peace to all who still strive for perfection – this cat has used all his 9 lives, & is ready to go home.


-38 NWIZ

•September 24, 2010 • 8 Comments

So I’ve actually been playing again for a while now on PangyaEU, with breaks every now and then. I am only getting back into the groove the last 5 days or so doing semi-decent records. Scored -38 NWIZ today:
Forgot to take screenshots, so only have the profile score, sorry.

-40 was possible this round, but 1 shot I didn’t know what I was doing. The other shot I forgot to calculate the slope. Would have been in, as the slope was confirmed and was cross-wind too. So I basically messed up -39 😀

Tried to record it with Fraps, but it sometimes just starts acting up and I cannot record again. Need to tab out, close Fraps, and reopen it. Wasn’t in the mood for that. Might record the ghost if I am feeling up to it… and if it works for once, haiuehauiehauiae!!

EDIT: Obviously the ghost doesn’t work 🙂

Well hello there…

•March 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

Just wanted to give some kind of sign of life really. Those looking for an update on the blog, this post is not it and I doubt there will be any ^^ I have not played properly in almost a year now and I don’t miss it at all. I am – in a way – a little surprised that Ntreev USA still does not have a Guild Page and Rankings page running after more than a year? Oh well, it no longer concerns me!

I got rid of all my Pangya notes the other day. This includes all digital and physical (like, real paper) notes. Was quite interesting having a last look into all the notes. There was so much, it was a bit crazy, but they yielded decent results, especially North Wiz.

That’s it from me really. I hope those still playing are enjoying it and that this blog is still serves a purpose to some people.

Concerning the Angle Guide….

•June 30, 2009 • 5 Comments

So I spoke to stormcatz the other day. I did not speak to him about the guide specifically, but from the short conversation we had I could gather that he works 12 hours a day at the moment and is looking to start a business. In other words, he is extremely busy. Judging from that, I think there won’t be an angle guide any time soon. I could be wrong of course…. Guess we will have to wait for stormcatz to tell us what’s going on. Well, just wanted to tell all those who are waiting anxiously what’s going on.

&$#* &$! Netreev USA!!!! Scratchy Card system sucks *%($ !!!!

•June 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

So I logged onto Pangya USA 5 minutes ago, after getting bored very quickly I made my way to the Pangya forums and saw Tomato’s (DrKapok) video on scratchy cards and therefore found out that the cards are now available. I tabbed back into the game and wanted to check out the Card prices. But wait, what’s that you say? I have to even SPEND 1000 Points before I even get a single scratchy card? So I have to spend 1 Dollar buying something I may not need (like my 10 000th autocaliper) to win a chance (A card) at winning… nothing (because the win rate is like -2). Ingenious Ntreev. Might as well hold me at gunpoint here.

After sniggering for a few seconds I went to check out what items are available to be won (or not to be won really).
Kooh Elven Ears
Nuri SSAF Suit
Cecilia Wedding Dress

Where’s the logic here? So people stand a chance at winning Kooh ears this week, but if you want Arin ears, you maybe have to wait 2 months for them to enter the winning pool? Meaning Kooh fanboys and girls can get an advantage over players playing other characters…. Not to mention, just one item of each? That’s like going to a video rental store that only offers RockyVI, Terminator4 and Kingdom of Heaven. But there I can at least choose the lesser of three evils, which clearly is Terminator4 /sarcasm off

So now we basically have:
-A Cheater infested server
-with ridiculous auto caliper prices (sorry, 3 times cheaper than OGPlanet doesn’t mean anything)
-and a crappy scratchy card system
-crappy scratchy card prices
-and crappy scratchy card item pool
-and most likely scratch card rares being untradeable (remains to be seen, but hey, I don’t need to be a fortune teller to make this assumption).

Seriously, Ntreev USA is like a massive Piñata that gets continuously beaten by players hopes and suggestions. And then, every now and then, something will fall out of this Piñata which is either a massive smack in our faces or just a piece of shit for us to step into.

So in closing, again, Ntreev USA, &*$# $@%

[Question] Angle Measurement Method

•June 4, 2009 • 26 Comments

I am just curious as to how many people would be interested in learning a method for angle reading? If there is enough interest, I will post it up. It uses basic simple trig, & takes maybe 20 seconds to perform. The only problem is that it seems to break after 30 degrees, so like I said, if there is enough interest, i will figure out the problems, & post up a squeaky clean advanced angle tutorial.

I would post a poll, but it requires me to join up to another service which I think, requires subscription service.

Your words are important, so don’t be shy, post!

260yard HWIs + 2Wood + Caliper Power

•May 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

Since Stormcatz is slacking and I don’t play anymore I thought I might as well share these 🙂 The HWIs are pretty solid. The Slope modification as well as the true distance should be enjoyed with caution. You might have to do some of your own adjustments to the values there. The 2Wood I still consider experimental even though I have had some pretty decent results with them so far…so no complaints if they don’t work :>. You can find the download link on the Links Page. I also removed the Experimental Page because I wasn’t worth keeping in my opinion. The 6iron standalone sheet can also be found on the Links Page now.